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The outline raises issues related to various provisions that can be found in wind energy easement and lease agreements. Reference: United States Department of Energy: Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy – Wind Exchange – Many useful resources on wind energy, including Small Windbook. Reference: Specific regulation information on applicable tariffs and administrative procedures for onshore wind power projects (PDF in German). Reference: Spezifikation der Ausschreibung für Offshore-Windenergieanlagen im französischen Mutterland (Specifications of the tender comprising plant power generation from biomass) | Second call for tenders for a wind power project located at sea – notice of tender and specifications (in French). Mitgliedstaaten – Bauauftrag – Bekanntmachung – Offenes Verfahren | More information on French wind power projects (land based and offshore) is available on the site of the Ministère de Transition ecologique et solidaire Reference: Draft Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) produced by Sri Lanka es Ceylon Electricity Board (2012) (PDF) Draft power purchase agreement developed by Ceylon Electricity Board for wind power plants. Charging is based on actual energy produced – unless cannot be delivered to purchaser due to a purchaser risk, in which case the charge is based on deemed energy output. Power purchase agreement of 27 June 2008 between Kruger Energy Montérégie S.E.C and Hydro-Québec Distribution regarding the wind park project Montérégie. (Vertrag über den Kauf von Strom am 27. Juni 2008 zwischen der Kommanditgesellschaft Kruger Energie Montérégie S.E.C. und Hydro-Québec Distribution legt die Verpflichtungen der Parteien in Bezug auf die Stromlieferungen des Windenergieprojekts Montérégie fest). These materials provide a general overview of land- and wind-related property agreements and summarize some important issues to consider when negotiating them.

Reference: Model Power Purchase Agreement related to a Wind Power Plant published by the Ministry of Energy and Minerals to be used as guidance for the procurement of energy from a wind turbine generating plant larger than 10 MW. Shadow Flicker release contract Author: Ashtabula Wind (Nextera Energy Resources [FPL])Contracts, Health, Human rights, North Dakota, Property values, Siting Reference: Sample Terms of Reference for a Technical Due Diligence Wind Power Project, involving the long term financing for the development, construction and operation of a 65 MW wind farm.

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